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Elevate your skincare ritual with our "Glow (Gua) Sha," a radiant revolution in facial self-care meticulously crafted from black obsidian. Immerse yourself in the ritual of glowing skin as you harness the power of this uniquely designed gua sha tool.

Gently sculpt and tone with the smooth contours of the Gua Sha, promoting circulation and leaving behind a luminous glow that speaks volumes. Crafted with care and precision, the black obsidian not only embodies timeless tradition but also brings grounding energy to your beauty routine.

As you indulge in the soothing motions of the Glow Gua Sha, envision stress melting away and a rejuvenated complexion emerging. Glow with confidence, glow with Glow Sha.

Our Glow Sha comes with a complementary Konjac Sponge ❤︎

How to Use Glow Sha: A Quick Guide


  • Prepare Your Skin: Start with clean, moisturized skin. Applying a few drops of your favorite facial oil can enhance the glide of the Glow Sha.

  • Hold the Glow Sha Properly: Hold the Glow Sha at a 45-degree angle, ensuring a comfortable grip. Begin with the flat side against your skin.

  • Begin Gently: Start from the center of your face and move outwards in upward and outward motions. Use gentle pressure, allowing the natural curves of the Glow Sha to follow the contours of your face.

  • Focus on Key Areas: Pay extra attention to areas prone to tension, such as the jawline, cheekbones, and forehead. Repeat each stroke 5-10 times for optimal results.

  • Use the Curved Edge: Flip the Glow Sha to use the curved edge for delicate areas like under the eyes and around the nose. This provides a soothing massage to reduce puffiness.

  • Enjoy the Ritual: Take your time and enjoy the ritual. Gua sha is not only about skincare but also about self-care and relaxation.


A konjac sponge is a skincare tool made from the konjac plant root. Here are some benefits:

  1. Gentle exfoliation: Konjac sponges provide gentle exfoliation, helping to remove dead skin cells, dirt, and oil from the skin's surface. This can promote smoother, brighter skin without being too harsh or abrasive, making it suitable for sensitive skin types.

  2. Natural and biodegradable: Konjac sponges are made from natural materials, typically the konjac plant root, which is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Unlike synthetic sponges or exfoliating tools, konjac sponges decompose naturally over time, reducing environmental impact.

  3. Hydrating properties: Konjac sponges are naturally moist and can hold a significant amount of water. When used on the skin, they can help to hydrate and moisturize, leaving the skin feeling soft and supple. This makes them particularly beneficial for dry or dehydrated skin types.

  4. Balances pH: Konjac sponges have a slightly alkaline pH, which can help to balance the skin's natural acidity. By maintaining the skin's pH balance, konjac sponges can help to prevent breakouts and other skin issues caused by imbalances in the skin's pH levels.

  5. Gentle enough for daily use: Because of their soft texture, konjac sponges are gentle enough to be used daily, unlike some other exfoliating tools that may be too harsh for frequent use. Daily use can help to keep the skin clean and smooth without causing irritation or damage.

  6. Improves product absorption: Using a konjac sponge to cleanse the skin can help to improve the absorption of skincare products, such as serums and moisturizers, by removing impurities and allowing the products to penetrate more deeply into the skin.

Overall, konjac sponges offer a range of benefits for skincare, including gentle exfoliation, hydration, pH balance, and environmental friendliness, making them a popular choice for many people looking to improve their skincare routine.

Disclaimer: Gua Sha is intended for personal use only. Consult with a skincare professional if you have existing skin conditions or concerns. The pressure applied during use should be gentle, and excessive force should be avoided. Discontinue use if you experience discomfort or irritation. Keep out of reach of children. The use of this tool does not guarantee specific skincare results and should be complemented by a healthy skincare routine. If you have concerns about your skin's health, please consult with a qualified skincare professional or dermatologist.

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